We are proud to be in partnership with companies that not only improve our promotion, but companies that align and understands our vision. Like us they see a future in combat sport and the endless possibilities. We are happy to be on this journey with all our partners.  


“Hard work is the bedrock of our values. We know that results and progress come from getting up and doing, toiling, sweating. This is why we are active in building an inclusive and diverse team, because a representative company is a healthy company. We put in the work: we listen to our team and we relentlessly support and champion our incredible ambassadors. We are never passive in addressing our shortcomings, always committed to the work that is necessary to strengthen and grow. We are proud of our all-embracing culture, and proud of our commitment to be our very best. We are Nocco.”

“Blu Pen is a creative bureau that which tackles the different types of media project with an open and alternative mindset. We strive to create the best solutions for our clients. We deal with graphic design, web design and  video content both in short and long format.”

Pluto TV, a Paramount company founded in 2014 and acquired by Paramount in 2019, is the leading free streaming service in America. It offers 200+ live and original channels, along with thousands of on-demand movies in partnership with major TV networks, film studios, publishers, and digital media companies.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, Silicon Valley, Chicago, and Berlin, Pluto TV has an international footprint spanning three continents and 25 countries from the USA to Europe and Latin America. With over 52 million monthly users and 400 channels, including 100 channels in Latam and GSA and 50 in Brazil, Pluto TV is accessible on various devices such as mobile phones, connected TVs, gaming consoles, TV boxes, and computers.

Pluto TV expanded beyond the USA for the first time in October 2018, launching in the UK on NOW TV and Roku devices with 13 live channels. Since then, Pluto TV has rapidly grown in the UK, boasting more than 115 channels and broad distribution. In Europe, the service became available in Germany and Austria in December 2018, followed by Switzerland in September 2019. In early 2020, Pluto TV extended its reach to Latin America.

In October 2020, Pluto TV entered the Spanish market, becoming the most downloaded app on Android devices within the first week. It launched with 40 original channels, growing to 100 by the end of 2021. In February 2021, Pluto TV arrived in France (now with 85 channels), expanding its presence in Europe. In October 2021, the platform was launched in Italy with 40 channels, surpassing 50 channels by the year’s end.

Recognized by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies of 2020, Pluto TV continues to redefine the streaming landscape with its diverse content offerings and global expansion.

“Hove A/S is a listed global company headquartered in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

We are a leading developer, producer and supplier of advanced lubrication solutions for heavy machinery.

Our in-house R&D department and production department have blazed the trail with innovative solutions for the wind industry, and our filling facility and service departments help numerous operations around the world stay up and running.

We are at the forefront of development and have established our company as the category’s leading player in the wind industry — and we have expanded into the mining and port industries.

In everything we do, our aim is to help our customers keep moving parts moving.”

Mea is a danish photographer based in Tune. She has been working with different types of photography jobs, and is the official photography partner of UNITE Championship.