Muay Thai

Competitive Muay Thai is a dynamic sport originating in Thailand, known for its intense bouts in a ring. Dubbed “The Art of Eight Limbs,” fighters deploy fists, elbows, knees, and shins for striking. Matches involve a mix of powerful techniques like punches, kicks, and clinch work, with points awarded for effective strikes. Victories can be achieved through knockout, technical knockout, or judges’ decision. This physically demanding sport showcases fighters’ skills, agility, and strategic prowess, attracting global popularity for its thrilling displays of martial art mastery.

Matches are in either A-class or B-class. 

A-class is also what we call pro matches. These matches are 3×5 minutes. These matches can both be fought in 10 Oz boxing gloves or 4 Oz MMA gloves. 

B-class is amateur and the matches last 3×3 minutes. These matches are fought with 10 Oz boxing gloves. 


MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a dynamic combat sport combining striking and grappling techniques. Fought in a cage or ring, athletes showcase diverse skills, including punches, kicks, takedowns, and submissions. With victories possible through knockout, submission, or judges’ decision, MMA’s popularity stems from its exciting and unpredictable nature, pitting fighters from various disciplines against each other.

Matches are in either A-class or B-Class.

A-Class is pro MMA and these matches are 3×5 minutes for non title fights and 5×5 minutes for title fights. These matches are fought in 4 Oz MMA gloves.

B-Class is amateur MMA and these matches are 3×3 minutes. These are matches are fought with 6 Oz MMA gloves and shin guards.


K-1 is a high-impact kickboxing sport that emphasizes powerful striking techniques. Fighters engage in a ring, utilizing kicks, punches, and knee strikes. Known for its fast-paced action and aggressive style, K-1 matches showcase intense stand-up battles. The sport’s name, K-1, represents a blend of karate, kickboxing, and other striking arts. Victories are typically determined by knockouts or judges’ decisions, making K-1 a thrilling and popular form of stand-up combat sports globally.

K1 matches are all fought with 10 Oz boxing gloves.